Hello, I'm Frankie and Welcome to my colorful corner of the internet!

What I do

I’m a passionate and imaginative graphic designer ready to make your visual dreams come true. Graduated with Magna Cum Laude in Art & Technology and Audiovisual Communications at University of Puerto Rico. After a year of finishing my college degree, I desired to learn more and prosper, so moved to San Francisco to do Master of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design at the Academy of Arts University.

As a graphic designer and professional photographer, I recognize the impact and importance design has in our society and I want to be part of it. My dream is to contribute to the creative process of constructing a better and more beautiful world through design and photography.

2020 — Now
VBP + Partners
2017 — 2020
Citizen Group
2017 — 2017
Photojournalist Wrokshop
2012— 2013
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Versatile designer, with a focus on crafting and storytelling.



Brand design has the power to make a lasting impact on people. It allows you to visually communicate the brand's identity, values, and offerings to the target audience.



With my trusty pen and tablet, I bring imagination to life, one stroke at a time. I bring ideas to life through vibrant colors, intricate details, and a touch of imagination.


Production Design

Certainly! I can help you with designing fun banners and resizing them. Also I like to experiment with different fonts and typography styles to add a playful or unique touch to your presentation.